Handmade Artistic Clocks and Digital Collages

About the Artist

Whimsical and enchanting, Lea Alboher's unique artistic approach of creating digital collages has captured the imagination and the hearts of people from around the world. Lea's zest for life is readily apparent in these distinctive pieces. Through her artistic creations, she shares her love of animals and sense of humor with her patrons.

With her images, she invites us to delve into a world of mystery and the unknown, discovering what feelings are evoked as one allows her images to speak with their unique voice. Over the years, Lea experimented with various art forms until she came upon the medium of digital collage. She collects images which appeal to her, scans and manipulates them digitally, outlines elements of the pictures, and then mounts them on a ceramic base. Each piece is unique and is imbued with her years of experience as a photographer, painter, and sculptor. In recent years, Lea has discovered an exciting new artistic process for displaying her art by infusing the collage images into aluminum using the metal dye sublimation process.

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August 10, 2017

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